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Competing successfully depends on developing a fact-based understanding of the category from the consumer’s perspectivenot on generating “new product ideas.”


A fact-based understanding creates the enduring “intellectual capital” required for developing solid, consumer-based strategies needed to compete effectively over the long haul.

Forecasting and Planning

Using our approach to Forecasting and Planning, companies have been able to:

Systematically evaluate and refine plans for dramatic improvement


Significantly improve ROI from marketing investment through better spending allocation within and across brands in the portfolio.

New and Acquired Product Success 


HJR Associates, LLC. can assist both acquiring companies and new product introductions in determining the future value of a business, by quantifying its risks and opportunities from a consumer standpoint. 


Spending and Pricing


HJR Associates will develop a systematic and fact-based understanding of your brand and category dynamics.  This enables you to manage appending and pricing correctly, allocate and optimize scarce marketing resources according to Brand growth potential

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Creation of HJR Associates, LLC.

Starting HJR Associates Oct. 1st.

We are excited to announce the formation of my new consulting firm, HJR Associates, LLC..


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