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Forecasting and Planning

Inaccurate forecasts and plans ruin profit planning and upend marketing and sales initiatives. Yet, analytic tools and planning systems do exist that can:


  • improve results today through a consistently accurate forecasting plan
  • build the business for tomorrow by increasing the effectiveness of every dollar spent
  • speed up the process of forecasting and planning…


Henry Rak has worked with leading market companies to develop these systems and train internal constituents in their use.


Comprehensive training of key personnel and melding of existing systems and tools into ideal three-stage continuous planning system of Planning, Forecasting, and Assessment.  Through this approach, you obtain fact based decision-making for varying strategic scenarios; and on-going accurate sales forecasts that drive enormous benefits:


improved business planning for profits and cash flow

A&P expenditures budgeted against realistic volumes

• effective cost management

• significant supply chain efficiencies


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